Dr Millia Begum


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Integrating Internal Family Systems with EMDR: A systemic approach for working with complex trauma clients.

8th September 2022
9.00am – 4.15pm

Presenter: Dr Millia Begum

Dr Millia Begum is a EMDR Europe Approved consultant and trained in Internal Family Systems. She is a Consultant Psychiatrist with experience of delivering EMDR for 18 years.She has hosted previous events with over 90% positive feedback. The event is on IFS-informed EMDR for Complex Trauma. The integrative model provides a safe systemic framework for delivering EMDR including working with severe dissociative clients. Delegates will learn how to integrate IFS with EMDR at all phases of EMDR standard protocol using role play and live demonstration.

The objectives of the event are:

  • To understand Complex trauma from a parts perspective.
  • Challenges in using EMDR with complex trauma clients.
  • Importance of attachment repair to re-align the tracks for smoother EMDR processing
  • Summary of key cross-training models currently used with EMDR
  • Introducing Internal Family Systems basic principles with a live demo.
  • Rationale for integrating EMDR with IFS
  • Clinical application of IFS with EMDR with role play.

Please note: The event will NOT be recorded for viewing later due to clinically sensitive material. Refunds will be provided in case of technical failures which render us unable to host the event or we may rescheduled to a later date.

BestCity Services will be supporting the event and any queries should be sent to: events@bestcityservices.co.uk


Trauma, Complex Trauma, Parts of our personality


EMDR with complex trauma clients-challenges and strategies


Q& A

10:50- 11:50am:
Introducing fundamentals of Internal Family Systems (IFS)



Live demonstration of IFS working with protector parts



14:20- 15:20pm:
Integrating IFS with EMDR in each of the phases of EMDR with composite case transcripts

15:20- 16:00pm:
3 separate role plays to demonstrate IFS-EMDR

16:00- 16:15pm:
Q&A and closing comments


CPD Credits: For EMDR Association UK Members: 6 CPD credits have been approved.

This event will be hosted on Zoom –  The link will be sent out on Thursday 23rd June to the booking email

Attendees will be entitled to received 6 CPD points  by purchasing the ticket in advance of the day and either and attending the live event.

CPD Certification will be sent to all eligible delegates by 8 November 2022.

ALL ENQUIRIES REGARDING THIS EVENT TO  events@bestcityservices.co.uk